5 Reasons Friends Don’t Let MAC Friends Upgrade to Yosemite iOS Alone!!!!

5 Reasons Friends Don’t Let MAC Friends Upgrade to Yosemite iOS Alone!!!!

Why Photo Nanny is worried you’ll lose your photos if you upgrade without care. os_x_yosemite_roundup w word

When your IT person says, “We need to upgrade your IOS to Yosemite,” WAIT.  STOP.  Think like Elmer Fudd, “BE VEWY VEWY CAREFUL.” Read this blog first…and/or call us.  Your precious files in iPhoto will not be the same following the update.


  1. Yosemite upgrade tosses out iPhoto (finally – which I can’t say is bad, but it’s significant!)
  2. If you want the best photo management software, you do NOT want PHOTOS.
  3. Know the ins and outs of iCloud before you upgrade.
  4. You wouldn’t blindly toss out a shoebox of old pictures without looking inside, would you? Don’t toss the old iOS without understanding what will happen to your photos when you upgrade.
  5. Stress causes health issues. Contacting Photo Nanny to understand the ramifications of upgrading your iOS can help prevent a lot of stress and worry!

We at Photo Nanny have long cried DON’T DO IT…when it comes to using iPhoto. We are trying to help everyone simplify their lives. We want their photo organizing and digital management to be easy and in their control.  iPhoto appears to be organized, but in fact, it’s not organized in a way you can control.  (And neither is its successor Photos.)  Apple finally admitted (well, sort of) that iPhoto has been in dire need of a do-over when it ditched the program with its most recent IOS update of Yosemite.

If you’ve updated your iOS, you’ll see iPhoto no longer exists.  That’s right.  The application you’ve been using to “manage” your family photos – poof, it’s gone!  After the update, instead of throwing your precious memories into their messy iPhoto, now everyone is being “corralled” into Photos. (Oh, yeah, let’s always keep the names as simple as possible so that EVERYONE will be confused.) I mean, “Pictures”…is that different from “Photos“? And now there’s a tab inside the Photos app called Photos.  Ah, I see says the man with a blindfold on!!!  Should you have any confusion over that? YES, YOU SHOULD.

photos v photos

Suffice it to say, we’re glad they’ve given up on iPhoto and we continue to monitor all new photo management software options….and for the moment, we’re still not suggesting Apple Photos is the way to go. And don’t get me wrong. If Photos application becomes the best option available at any time, we’ll jump right in. That’s the beauty of organizing files the way we do. We can move nimbly to whatever is out there. We’re not “stuck” with a program that is inefficient or cumbersome. We’re not stuck with an application which shoots our organizing in the head. NO WAY, JOSE! For now Photos is still a very scary environment to watch from the sidelines. We want to make sure everyone carefully migrates into the new iOS. SO PLEASE WATCH OUT AND PAY ATTENTION TO THIS WARNING.events v events

If you have an iPhoto Library you’ve been using to manage your photos, PLEASE BACK UP THE LIBRARY TO A SAFE PLACE…at least two safe places – two external drives, we’d suggest. Once you have that done, then if you want to upgrade to Yosemite, you can go for it. But please understand, iPhoto as you know it will not function on your new MAC. Your library will be converted to Photos and it will not be organized or named the same way. I have a few screenshots here to show you the differences – but just to be clear, I’m NOT recommending Photos is the way to go. So, if you want to learn how to manage your photos…REALLY MANAGE THEM WHERE YOU CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM – please consider calling us to set up a free one-hour consultation to learn what we recommend is best for moving ahead.01-2010 italy iphoto flattened

There are great options out there that are FREE. We can help you find your way to a better place than Photos, and in an hour we can give you a quick tutorial on why you want to be in charge of your photo destiny. Call today to schedule your “Yosemite Ain’t Just a National Park in California” appointment.  Mention this blog and we’ll give you 25% off a second hour of consultation

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