8 Things You May Be Surprised to Know

8 Things You May Be Surprised to Know


1.  PCs and MACs are equally effective at managing photos. You just need to learn either system, and it will work.

2.  You don’t need fancy software to manage your photos. What you need is a consistent plan.

3.  You don’t need expensive software to do basic editing to pictures.

4.  You don’t need to tag pictures in a program to be able to find your favorites.

5.  Texting photos is a short-term plan. If you want something saved for the long-term, email it and LEARN TO SEND A FULL-RESOLUTION PHOTO.



6.  The Cloud is great, but download rates at the present time don’t make it efficient. DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY FROM YOUR DEVICE Fthe-cloudOR SAVING YOUR FILES.


7.  Don’t manage your photos on your phone. You’ll have to do it twice.

8.  If you put photos on line, know whether or not a company allows you to download them before you delete them from your own devices. Some companies make you buy back your own photos (purchase a CD) if you need to retrieve them.

9.  Auto applications can be nice, but BUT DON’T RELY ON THEM. (We’ve had clients lose years of photos because their credit card expired on an account and the company deleted all their files.)  Be careful

10.  Don’t be intimidated by geeks telling you it’s easy you should “get it.”  GedTheGeek2-1024x901Digital archives are not easy for everyone to understand.  Just find someone who can be patient and help you learn in a way that works for you.  Keep it simple and learn to enjoy the benefits without becoming obsessed or an expert.  You don’t need to be an expert.

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