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Long Time No Speak!

It’s been a long time (since 2016) that we’ve added to our blog.  Hmm..why?  Mainly because we’ve been so busy helping clients that blogging has been our lowest priority.  In addition we finally purchased and moved into our permanent location and worked all the “kinks” out.  Okay – maybe that took a year…but we’re all
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5 Reasons The Cloud is Inefficient for Managing Photos

And why Photo Nanny is still searching (or may have to develop) a better, more efficient alternative. Cloud upload speeds and processes are inefficient. Cloud download speeds and processes are inefficient. Managing photos on the cloud doesn’t mean my photos at home are organized. Having my photos ONLY on the cloud and not on my
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Part of being a Photo Nanny is being a partner to our clients. We are “in the family.” We are helping them reach their goals. They want to find pictures….Great. We can help. They want to share pictures. Got it. They want to crop and edit photos to look better. Check. But one of the
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Traits of a Good Photo Nanny

In 2005 I had the opportunity to go to South Africa for the first time on a photo safari.  Little did I know how that family experience would change my life and the lives of so many others.  It led to the creation of Photo Nanny.  I am so blessed to be doing something I
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Hiring a Professional Organizer Means Doing a Little Research

I was getting ready to answer a friend’s email question on how she could find someone to help her organize her guest room, and I decided to provide the information in this blog since many of you may be wondering the same thing regarding home organizing.  Before I provide you the guidelines for selecting an
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GoPro Hero 3+ Silver – Testing this Adventure Camera

I rented a Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver edition video camera this past weekend during a ski trip.   It’s something I’ve considered buying for “adventure” filming, but I didn’t want to spend the $200-plus dollars to find out if it’s really something I need for my camera collection.  Luckily, while in Copper Mountain, Colorado, I
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Fair to Partly “Cloudy”

On any typical day lately, I hear people talking about the Cloud and how wonderful it is.  And truthfully, it is great.  But I also surprise them when I explain why Photo Nanny doesn’t store all our photos in the Cloud.  I find many people are unclear about the Cloud and how at the present
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Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative Graduation!

I am super excited to share the news that I recently graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Initiative program. It’s an opportunity that I can only describe as incredible, and to have been chosen to participate out of many worthy applicants in the Houston area gives me a lot of pride. In case
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