A True Picture of the Whole Family - Remote Access Adds You Back Into Your Cherished Memories

A True Picture of the Whole Family – Remote Access Adds You Back Into Your Cherished Memories

It’s fall, the leaves are turning colors and falling, the air is chilled (every now and then in Houston).  With Halloween behind us, the season for giving will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

As you look at the thousands of great candid shots you have collected through the years and smile at your cherished memories, one thing is always missing – you. You are behind the camera and never in the frame. As technology evolves so can the way we capture these memories.

Our phones have amazing and powerful picture taking capabilities at our fingertips. Many new phones have more than 5 megapixels, but they still lack the option to include you in the action, outside of the occasional odd angled selfie.

Many tech companies have developed gadgets designed to get you out from behind the lens and allow you to take part in the festivities by capitalizing on your phone’s camera. All you need to do is download an app, sync your phone to a remote, then jump into the group for the picture. Go get a remote.

There are a lot of options out there.  Here’s some details on one of the nicer ones available, but do some research.  Prices come down all the time and there are many to choose from.  (Buying on eBay can be a great way to purchase and try some without breaking the bank.)

ClickStik-Bluetooth-Remote-Camera-Stand-iPhone-Setup-e1348847537492-300x225 ClickStik Bluetooth Remote and Camera Stand offers remote picture taking opportunities for your iPhone

Pairing your device with the ClickStik takes just seconds and with only one button on the remote it’s very self-explanatory whether you take the time to read the instructions or not. The tripod is a little trickier to configure.  Firstly it comes in two pieces, the stand collapses for easy travelling and is secured in place when not in use by a velcro strap that doubles as a binding should you want or need to strap the stand down if you are taking pictures under conditions that require it.

Secondly the phone is held in place in a three point holder which will hold your device both with and without a case which can then be screwed to the tripod base. Your iPhone can also be accurately positioned based on your need thanks to two hand bolts that allow you to loosen, move and tighten with ease.

The product is made of plastic and overall the build quality is pretty good. The only piece I have questions about is how strong the phone holster is as it feels that any over zealous usage could result in a break.

Using the Bluetooth adapter to take your pictures couldn’t be easier either. The remote won’t work with the stock camera app so after downloading the free ClickStik app from the App Store and launching it, taking pictures is only a click away.

There is little if no lag between pressing the remote’s button and the photograph being taken and the pictures are automatically saved to your Camera Roll to.

Obviously as the pictures are saved to your Camera Roll you can use them with any app you like but the ClickStik app does include photo editing options itself in which you can add effects, frames, stamps, text and other effects directly in the app. Now, while this is no Instagram it does provide nice options and allows you to share directly to Facebook, Twitter and email should you want to.

At $49.99 the ClickStik is not the least expensive option, but with both the tripod and the Bluetooth remote you are getting to tools for the price of one and if you take a lot of photos with your iPhone this would be a great tool to add to your iPhone’s Camera accessories.

 Here’s a few more you might want to check out:

Rtrivr for $39.99 – Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter Control with Tripod and Anti Lost Alarm

  • Smart Phone Camera Remote for $25 (a great gift idea)
  • Belkin offers a remote as well

Truthfully, most all of these can be purchase don eBay, so do some looking around and catch a great buy and start taking selfies with pride…and maybe a little better composition and focus!

Utilizing your phone’s wifi capabilities there are tons of products on the market that allow you to quickly download an app, use a remote and get in that family picture. It is not often that extended families have the opportunity to gather in one place and finally you can have a true picture of the whole family, which includes you.

  Photo Nanny Tip of the Day: Most of us these days have very few prints and store our photos in our phone and computer. Remember to have a back-up plan. Even your photos are in danger if your computer or phone goes on the fritz. Having an insurance policy to replace your phone will ensure you have a new phone, but your photos could be lost forever. Have a regular back-up system in place for your photos; this ensures the safe keeping of your precious memories. Who wants to lose that picture of uncle Bob dressed as Santa?



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