Welcome to the Photo Nanny Blog!

Welcome to the Photo Nanny Blog!

+recommended_blog Blogging is something new to me. I’ve been an avid amateur photographer and have followed the trends from the Brownie all the way to today’s latest digital cameras. In 2005 I established Photo Nanny after someone saw a coffee table book I created from photographs I took during a trip to Africa. They said, “I feel like I was on your trip. This book is stunning. You should help others make books to tell their stories.” With a journalism background, I jumped at the opportunity to do just that.

I quickly learned people wanted books, but they were unable to find all their memorabilia, so in order to do the creative work, I first needed to provide organizational help. Old photos and memorabilia needed to be organized and scanned (sometimes by the SUV load)…but I’ll get into the details of our work in another post. For my first entry I want to provide a set of expectations for the reader of what the Photo Nanny blog will be about.

Posts will cover a variety of topics related to organizing and photography – the two things we at Photo Nanny work with every day. (As I write this we have six staff members helping families sort and digitize memorabilia – taking them from overwhelmed to overjoyed with the resulting organized legacy they can easily maintain going forward.) During the eight years I’ve been helping people professionally, methods have changed for delivering the resulting boxes of photos, compact disks, hard drives and the coffee table books we create, but I’m passionate about the process and so is each member of my staff. So, the many hours we spend researching the latest innovations in this field fly by like minutes.

Subjects will include preservation techniques, basic tech tips, reviews of do-it-yourself options for creating books and products from your photos, tips for traveling and documenting your story through photos and memorabilia, equipment reviews, motivational tips for how to tackle those boxes lurking under the bed and in the closets, computer software and application recommendations for maintaining your digital library as well as basic scanning and photography lingo to help you understand your options when hiring a third party to help you achieve your goals.

As time goes by I expect there will be posts of similar topics with newer and better applications or methods. Photo Nanny is driven by innovation and guided by passion. So, stay tuned. It’s an exciting world out there in organizing and digital photography, and my goal is for this blog to serve as an easy reference place for those who don’t have hours to spend researching the best organizing techniques and/or digital solutions.
I hope the posts will be informative, educational and inspiring. Please comment and send feedback and/or questions. I’ll be happy to address any individual question via email or will post a blog entry and send you a link if it’s a question I’ve heard more than a few times.

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