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DSC_0525-1024x681We are committed to providing the highest quality scanning services available for albums and scrapbooks in addition to prints, negatives and memorabilia.   Scanning special keepsakes requires time and attention to detail, just as it did for the maker of the album.  Our use of flatbed scanners prevents possible damage caused by automated equipment.  We carefully scan and convert all kinds of memorabilia to modern digital format while maintaining its order (or creating order where items have deteriorated and fallen apart.)   In order to share these stories with future generations, we offer suggestions for long-term preservation and storage of the originals in addition to maintaining the digital legacy.

We handle fragile items that many others say are impossible to scan.  We call them challenging.  And we love a challenge.

Scanning albums and scrapbooks is one of our most popular services.  We determine the best output format for future use and enjoyment based on each client’s personal needs.  Formats include:

  • Scanning individual photos after careful removal from the original album
  • Scanning entire pages to preserve captions and overall layouts
  • Scanning individual items by digitally cropping them but leaving the original page intact
  • Photographing 3-dimensional items tucked into scrapbooks to and merging them with the scanned pages

Photo Nanny handles all types and sizes of albums and memorabilia, including:

  • Albums with loose photos placed into plastic sleeves
  • Magnetic photo albums (those with plastic sheets and sticky paper that seemed like such a great invention back in the day but turned out not to be best for preservation)
  • Old scrapbooks (typically with paper pages and items glued or attached with photo corners)
  • Modern scrapbooks (usually 12” x 12” cardstock in plastic sleeves)
  • Creative Memories Albums (or similarly post-bound pages with decorative elements.)
  • Artwork
  • Framed items
  • Letters and documents
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