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Take a look at some testimonials from our clients:


“Photo Nanny is cheaper than therapy…and provides immediate results. What a Godsend.”
~Jenny C.

“Pavan Seibert thinks and moves faster than I can even dream of. She’s two steps ahead of me,
working efficiently reviewing items and making decisions so our goals are accomplished in a
~Julie H.

“We called Photo Nanny the day before my father’s funeral and asked if they could help scan,
resize and print photos for the service. Seven hours later, we had beautiful enlargements in hand
like magic. We said, “Can you?” And they said, “Done.” Simply incredible.”
~Catherine Z.

“I don’t know how Photo Nanny did it, but they took my DECADES of disorganized photos and
gave me accessible, organized files on my computer, then taught me how to manage them all.
I’ve been overwhelmed and intimidated and they made managing it easy! Wow!”
~Mindy K.

“Pavan (and Photo Nanny) have improved my marriage. My husband no longer worries the
family photos are neglected, and we have beautiful keepsakes I could never have created on my
~Judy D.

“I cried when I saw my photos organized in boxes with beautiful labels and a book about our
family. I didn’t think it was possible for an outsider to do what Photo Nanny did, but they
exceeded even my wildest dream. It’s truly amazing!”
~Kelly G.

“After I attempted to remove a photo from a frame and found it stuck to the glass, I thought I’d
ruined my husband’s favorite portrait of me. In just a few days Photo Nanny scanned, restored
and reprinted it to like-new condition. What a relief!”
~Nancy C.

“After trying to download photos from a website for more than an hour and wanting to take my
own life, I called Pavan to see if she could help. With a quick phone consultation, she calmed
my nerves, walked me through it and helped me get it done. I’d be lost without my Photo
~Renee D.

“I’d stab myself in the eye if I had to do what Pavan Seibert does with a big smile on her face –
taking my mess and creating organized prints, digitals and incredible books and keepsakes. The
quality of service and products is topnotch beginning to end.”
~Cole D.

“Photo Nanny truly is unlike any other business. They care for my family’s memorabilia like
it’s their own. They even know our family history, dates of events and details that I can’t even
remember. How lucky I am that a friend told me about them!”
~Melinda R.

“I’m organized but not a computer person. Photo Nanny helped get all my non-digital photos
scanned and in order on my computer. With incredible patience they’ve taught me to manage
everything on my computer and how to stay up to date with the latest technology and software
options for sharing and enjoying my photos.”
~Bethany H.

“Overwhelmed and intimidated are NOT part of the Photo Nanny vocabulary. This team takes
projects that seem impossible and they don’t bat an eye. The next thing you know, it’s done and
they’re showing you the incredible treasures you’d never have found among the mess.”
~Jason M.

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